How To Get A Verified Facebook Business Manager

Get Verified Facebook Business Manager | How to Get Verified BM

How to get a verified Facebook Business Manager?

In getting your Facebook business manager account verified, the first step that you have to do is create Facebook for the company. If you create your well developed Facebook account or profile, your FB business manager account will get verified easily. But getting your business verified is not easy with Facebook. You have to submit lots of documents to Facebook to get verified. 

That’s tough for some people who want to run the ads on Facebook, and they don’t want to submit the document. But they want a higher spending limit, which Facebook allows into Verified business manager accounts. So these people Buy Verified BMs from different sources. We are also letting you know how to get verified by your business manager.

Verification Process of Facebook Business Manager?

Visit Facebook Business Manager at

The first step that you have to do in verifying your FB business manager account is to click or follow the link given above that will redirect you to your Facebook Manager account page. 

Before getting Verified BMs, you need to Learn About the Facebook Business Manager, and also, you need to create an Account over Facebook Business Manager. You can click over, which help you to create a business manager account.  

Click on the “Business Setting” Navigation Bar Situated On The Left Side.

The second step in this verification process is to follow the ”Business setting ‘navigation bar that will redirect you to the page of the Business setting. After clicking ‘Business Setting ‘next, you have to follow ‘Security Centre’. When you follow the ‘Business Setting ”you will redirect to the sub-menu bar where you will find ”Security centre ”on the next navigation bar.

Click on the button that says ‘Start Verification.’ 

Sometimes, the ‘Start Verification’ button cannot be clicked in this case. You will need to go through some steps before that can be done. you must follow some steps to enable

Here’s a step by step guide –

Step 1: Firstly login with Facebook account and Visit the Facebook Developers page

Step 2: You have to click on “Get Started” or “My App” in the second step. Which you can get the button in the top-right corner of your screen.

Step 3: Click on ‘Create an app’.


Step 4: Please put the display name for your App, put your business email on the email section, choose the app purpose. And in the last step, please select your Facebook Business account in which you want to create App and click on create App.

Step 5: Now you are good to go. Please go back to your Facebook BM and, after it goes to the security centre. You can see the “Start Verification” button is enabled now. So you can click on it to get verified.

After clicking on the Start verification button, you will have lots of information to fill. So fill in all the necessary information. After it, you will redirect to the next step, where you have to fill in details which is related to your business

Documents you will need to verify your company on Facebook Business Verification are – 

  1. You need to provide proof of your business Name – one of these will suffice:

    Company Incorporation Certificate (EIN Number)
    Business Registration (BR)
    VAT/Tax Certificate

  2. Proof of Address – one of these:

    Utility Bill (Electricity/Phone bill)
    Bank Account Statement

After submitting all the documents for verification to the FB business manager, you will receive a code via text or via email. If you have activated D&D into your mobile, you won’t get any text. But you can also make a phone call to verify the account.

The phone number option is still unavailable in some countries. So you can request the code via your business email, which you have used to fill. After it, you will receive a verification code instantly. If not, you can ask for a new code by click on resend code. After getting the verification code, you can put it into the verification part, and you are good to go. Now you can see into business settings that your Business Manager account is verified now.

Domain Verification For Facebook Business Manager

When you fill in all details required for business or submit your documents for verification and your account gets verified easily, then now you have to your domain. The domain is the name of your business which ensures the provision of the ownership of your business. Besides this, Facebook will also provide you with the Facebook Ads managing tool or logging in access to your Facebook Business Manager account. 

The domain is the name of your business by which you are going to do your business. The domain will ensure or secure your website from hacking and any other activities that are not legal on a business website. So its is very important to verify your domain name. Here is a short way to put your domain for verification – 

Please go to and click on Business settings – go to Brand safety -> click on Domains – > and Add a new domain.

Verification of DNS:

  1. Visit the setting of the DNS and then log in to the domain register 
  2. Insert a TEXT type, new DNS record.
  3. In the hostname field, type the @ symbol, if required. 
  4. Please Paste all the TEXT records provided by the Facebook BM for verification in the textual content field.
  5. Navigate to get back to Facebook BM and tap ‘Verify.’

HTML File Upload 

  1. Download the HTML file. 
  2. Upload the file on your website in the root footer. 
  3. Go back and select the button “verify.’ 

Meta-tag Verification

  1. In the homepage code of your website, open the <head> section.
  2. Add the meta-tag in the HTML code of the <head> section.
  3. Confirm if the meta-tag has been added by viewing the HTML source code of the
  4. Homepage of your website.
  5. Get back to the FB Business Manager and tap ‘Verify’.

How Much Time Will Facebook Business Managers Take to Verify?

Once your verification request is sent to Facebook, it will take 1.5 days to give a response to your request. If you follow all steps in the verification process, according to Facebook, have not done anything wrong, then your Facebook Business Manager account will be verified completely. 

But suppose you did anything that is not according to Facebook in verification. In that case, your request may be cancelled, or you have to fix that problem again and send [ verification request again to Facebook. 

What if the Verification Button is Disabled?

This is the common problem that everyone faces when they start their new business through Facebook. This problem is normally faced by those people who didn’t use Facebook for the verification process.  

Tips That You Have To Follow For Getting Verified Your Account When Verification Button is Disabled

  1. Please go to the Facebook Developer page and click on “My App” which you can find in the top right corner.
  2. After it clicks on “Create an app”
  3. Pick any of the options from the pop-up and click on ‘continue ‘
  4. Please fill in the information which is asking. Put any application name and reason for making an account. After it, you can select the business manager account, which you can see in the dropdown selection. 
  5. You have done all your formalities. Now you can come back to the Facebook Business Manager – security centre and click on verify. It shall be enabled, or you will go under review or get verified after submission. 

Is There Any Bypass Method To Verified Business With Fake Documents?

No, there is no bypass method to get verified your business with the fake documents. But yeah you can Buy Verified BMs if you want. Which has higher spending limit or can say no limit accounts after spending few amount of money on them. There are many sellers which Sale verified BMs and Verified business manager. So you can Buy Facebook Accounts with Business manager.

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