How to set up Facebook Account Safely

How to Set up Facebook Account Safely

We all know that many sellers have different kinds of Social media and Facebook accounts to buy. But all are worried and want to know how to set up Facebook Account Safely. We send an instructions file to install the Facebook accounts and other social media accounts. Everyone is selling Fake Facebook Profiles, and we all know if we will change the location to the account and may ask for verification. So there are a few possible ways to stop getting locked. Because most people are stuck with the security checkpoint.

We provide complete instructions like how to install proxy in browser, use cookies, and use same user agents to avoid the checkpoint. Our account will have 2-Factor Authentication, and we will let you know how to use it. After getting the accounts from us, we suggest you install FB accounts properly. Otherwise, may your account get banned if you Buy Facebook Ads Accounts or ask for the ID or other verification. But no worries, we offer you to Buy ID Verified Facebook Accounts. So, when you Buy Facebook Accounts, you need to install the account properly to avoid the checkpoint.

Instruction Video:

You can check our video as we have added instruction properly. Hope you will enjoy with the video and setup the account properly.

Instructions To Setup Facebook Account In Mozilla Firefox

Install Extension To Set up Facebook Account Safely

We will let you know how to install everything into your browser to use your account after buying from us safely. We will share the details of proxies, user agents, cookies, and a 2FA authentication long code to log in to your account. You can check How to Get 2FA authentication code. That’s why our platform is best where are different kind of Social Media Accounts for sale and Facebook Account for sale.

Please install these three extensions into your browser.

Please follow the instructions step by step and in a sequence way. Because you need to be careful to set up Facebook Account Safely, but how. First, set up the proxy, then set up user agents, and then use the cookies to import. After installing the extension into your Browser, please see the picture, which is your first step.

How to Install Proxy In Browser to Set up Facebook Account Safely?

Our website is the best platform for Buying Social Media Accounts and Buy Facebook Accounts as we deliver with proxy. But the question is how to set up a proxy into the Browser.

  1. Click on the proxy option, look at the picture and follow all the instructions step by step in your Browser.
  2. Now again, click on the proxy extension and choose a proxy.

That’s the way to enable proxy into your Browser. After it, please check the proxy by going to to make sure.

How to Install User Agents in Browser?

We will move on to the second step, which is user agents. So, we will let you know to install user agents in your Browser, which we used to Warmed Facebook Account.

  1. Click on the user agent extension, and it will take you to this page. See the picture
  2. Please make sure you copy and paste the correct user agents from excel sheet.

How to import cookies in Browser?

That’s the final step, and I will let you know how to import Facebook cookies into the Browser. That step is very important, and if you do not import properly, Facebook will ask for the email pass. And we never suggest you login with an email pass if you are going to Buy Facebook Accounts from us.

We will deliver your accounts into an excel file, and there will be a cookies file in the zip file. So please go through with the notepad file, copy all the code, and put it into the cookies extension. Please take a look at the picture.

Now paste all the codes into the extension. But before you put the cookies, please open and put the code. Please check the picture.

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