How to use Safely Facebook Marketplace?

How to use Safely Facebook Marketplace and Shipping?

In this blog, we will talk about how to use Facebook Marketplace account after buying from us. Generally, some people are losing accounts quickly after getting from us. Because they don’t know how to use Facebook accounts and post like hell amount of listing initially, sometimes they change the proxy or the password and harm the profile. Because they don’t know how to use it and how to work on work on Facebook safely as it’s getting more strict day by day. So we have instructions that will let you know how to log in to your Facebook account safely. We will describe how to use it and work with the Facebook marketplace. We will let you know what you need to avoid and make it work perfectly. 

Generally, people buy Facebook marketplace accounts, and Shipping enabled Facebook marketplace accounts. And people can’t access Marketplace due to suspicious activities. So, according to us, you need to avoid a few things that we will describe.

What do you need to do in Facebook Marketplace?

  1. Firstly, the more important part is that you need to log in safely and use our instruction file to log in to your Facebook account safely. If you don’t log in safely, according to us, you may lose your account for sure. You can learn about user agents too which help to avoid the checkpoint.
  2. After installing the Facebook account into your browser, you need to warm up (like 10 mins in 24 hours). And after 24 hours, you can start posting on it.
  3. According to client feedback and experience, we suggest you post only one list in the beginning and gradually increase it. If you push hard and list lots of posts initially, you may lose your account.
  4. Please warm up (like 5-10 minutes in a day) your profile every day, whether you post or not.

Do you need to avoid a few things?

Whether you are going to Buy Facebook Marketplace or Buy Shipping enabled Facebook account, you need to take care of the following things.

  1. Please don’t change the proxy. If you change your proxy you may lose Shipping. But still, if you want to change the proxy, I suggest you warm up for a few days, like 2-3 days. After it, you can start posting on it.
  2. Please don’t change anything in your account like name, email, phone, password, or anything other to make it suspicious. Use it as it is. Otherwise, you are going to harm your profile.
  3. Don’t list a huge amount of listing initially, which is very important because people lose the accounts very quickly when they are listing a huge amount of products.

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