Do you guys want to buy Facebook ads accounts? But don’t know where to buy? Checkout our product collections to buy Facebook ads accounts. We are selling high-quality Facebook ads accounts with old Facebook accounts. You will get 6+ months old profiles to 10+ years old profile. All Facebook ads accounts come with separate proxies and phone number. If you have any trouble for phone verification, you can get code by yourself. In our store, if you are going to FB ads accounts, you can buy Facebook accounts with BM too.

Facebook is the most popular platform to promote and get potential customers for your business. You know very well that Facebook is one of the best social networking sites with huge amounts of traffic and targeted audiences. When you run ads over Facebook by selecting a targeted audience, you will see traffic will come massively on your website (depend on the budget ). Now a day it’s too tough to run ads into Facebook for beginners due to the Facebook security system. If you want to do profitable business, you must run ads over FB. If you Buy Cheap Facebook PVA accounts and run ads on them, as they are inactive accounts so Facebook will ban them too quickly or asking for the Govt ID.

So if you want to get more businesses or customers for your products, you must Buy Facebook Ad accounts. Our FB Ad Accounts are created by our expert Facebook ad account managers. Also, you can Buy Old Facebook Accounts with Activities as they are real-looking Facebook PVA Accounts which may help you to run the ads on them. We are making activities on different virtual computers by using unique high-quality private proxies. Also, we are delivering Facebook Ad Account With ID and without ID so you can appeal to Facebook in case of a security checkpoint. We are selling high-quality Facebook Ad accounts with Active USA phone numbers.

Reason to Buy Facebook Ad accounts:

  1. As you all know that FB is becoming a more powerful and popular platform with a huge amount of members, so peoples are Buying FB Ad Accounts to run ads and to get targeted audience.
  2. Some ad agencies Buy Facebook Ad Accounts in bulk to run multiple campaigns for multiple businesses as they have different clients.
  3. If you are running more than one business and running ads into a single ad account, will confuse you and make an error always. So buy multiple ads accounts to make it easier.
  4. Useful for marketing guys, running multiple ads for different companies into a single account, not manageable. So that the reason to Buy Facebook Ad Accounts.
  5. Facebook keeps updated their security systems so ad accounts getting banned too quickly if you are running Blackhat ads or some kind of tricky ads on it. So that’s the reason to buy ad accounts.
  6. Some people have FB accounts but they don’t know how to create ad accounts so they Buy Facebook Accounts with BM and running ads on them.

Benefits to Buy FB ads account with us?

  1. Old Facebook Accounts With Ad Accounts

    We are selling ad accounts with Old Facebook Accounts that are active and have lots of activities with personal pictures, posts, and other activities. All accounts are 1 to 10+ years old which are quite enough to run ads on them. They all have lots of friends too like 100+ and you will see many friend requests into the profile.

  2. Cookies File With Each FB Accounts

    You will see whenever you log in your personal FB account into a different location, ask for the identity like friends identity, same phone verification, ID verification, or email verification. We will suggest you to login Facebook account with the cookies file and you will see it won’t ask for any kind of security. So we are delivering FB Ad account with the separate Jason cookies file which you can install into your system. You can see our instructions file to login with cookies.

  3. Proxy Is Included with FB Accounts

    You will see that whenever you change your IP or Proxy, FB detects its unusual activities and when you started to run ads into your Facebook Ad Accounts, they are disabled too quickly. So we are delivering ad accounts with proxy to avoid unusual activities.

  4. Instructions To Load IP & Cookies File Into System

    Most people don’t know how to set proxies and FB cookies files into the system and they are login directly into their own system which is unacceptable and Facebook detects unusual activities. We are delivering FB ad accounts with the instruction file for how to set proxies into the system and how to load cookies into the browser.

  5. Different Kind Of Daily Spending Limits

    Our ad accounts have different kinds of spending limits like $50, $250, and no limits Facebook Business Manager Account. They have not warmed-up accounts but you can run ads on them easily.

  6. Verified Business Manager Accounts

    When you are running ads into unverified business manager accounts, you will see that after some time it will ask you to verify the business. So our store is best place to Buy Facebook Accounts With Verified BM that help you run ads safely without any issue.

  7. Highly Secure FB ads account With 2FA

    We are delivering Facebook accounts with 2-Factor Authentication but on client request. Our team can set up 2FA code into your ad accounts to make them secure. If you want the instructions file to set 2FA, you can download the file here. Click Here

  8. Get FB Ad Account With ID

    We have started to sell FB accounts with ID to release the checkpoint. When you run the ads into ad accounts, sometimes FB asks you to upload your ID. So you can get the IDs too.

  • Don’t forget to remove other admins if any is there.
  • Please Read Carefully All The FAQs Before Making The Payments.

Key Features Of Facebook Accounts:

  • All Profiles Are Fully Profiled And They Are Old Facebook Accounts
  • FB Profiles Come With High Quality Private Proxies
  • Ad Accounts Are Created On Different Virtual Machines
  • FB Ads Accounts With Active US Phone Numbers
  • Your Profiles Comes With Cookies File
  • Facebook Accounts With ID
  • 6+ Months To 6+ Years Old Facebook Accounts
  • 2-Factor Authentication Can Be Enabled
  • Accounts With Lots Of Activities & Friends
  • Verified BM Facebook Accounts
  • No Limit FB Ads Accounts And $50 & $250


How to Purchase Facebook Ad Accounts?

Please select the product which you want to buy and select what kind of accounts you are looking for. After selection add it into your cart and clicks on the button where it says checkout. Fill the checkout form and place the order.

How to set up Facebook ad accounts into my desktop?

That is really a very important part for the FB ad accounts, if you will do any mistake Facebook will detect unusual activities and your account will get banned instantly without doing anything. You can download the instructions file from here and also you will get the instructions file with your order.

Which product is best for beginners?

We have many type of ad accounts but for the newbie, we will suggest Buy Facebook Accounts with Business Manager – Basic which is cheap and with a small amount of spending limit.

Do you have No Limits Facebook Business Manager Accounts?

In our store, we offer to Buy No Limit Facebook BM Accounts. It has a $5000 limit.

What is the condition for refund and replacement?

We are not offering any kind of replacement because some guys are using already used cards and some are running Blackhat ads and getting disabled too quickly, and they are asking for the replacement and refund. We are offering a refund and replacement policy for unused accounts only (48 Hours only).

What changes can be done after the delivery of ad accounts?

We will suggest you go with as it is condition. Don’t change anything even the password (Don’t worry, we are not reselling). You can change the password after few days.

What kind of campaign I can run?

After getting the accounts, please go with safe ads like Page Like or Post Engagement. Please don’t run a conversion campaign on the first day.

What is different between Verified BM and Unverified Business Manager?

Now a day Facebook is asking you to verify your business when you are running ads on unverified Facebook with the business manager. But our verified BM is already verified with Business so you won’t have any issue running the ads.

Your Verified BM can be unverified?

Yes, if Facebook finds any illegal activities into your FB ad account, they will ask you to verify it again and mark your business as unverified.

What is the difference between Facebook Accounts with Business Manager Basic & Advanced?

There is no major difference between advanced and basic accounts. There is only a difference of limit. Facebook Accounts with a Business Manager – Advanced has $250 limit and basic has $50 limit, rest all the things are same.

Are you delivering with profile?

There are lots of sellers who are selling business managers with invitation links and most people don’t know how to use it. So yeah, we are delivering Business Managers with Facebook accounts.

What kind of profiles I will get?

We are adding business managers into Old Facebook Accounts which are very old like 1-10+ years old and also they all have active accounts (with lots of personal pictures, posts, and activities) into different private proxies.

I don’t want to buy ad accounts, but want to Buy FB PVA Accounts for Ads?

Yeah, we are selling different kinds of Facebook accounts too. For the ad purpose, we will suggest you Buy Old Facebook Accounts With Activities or Buy Aged Facebook Account

What do you mean by active US numbers?

It means they are active and you can ask for the re-verification code whenever your account gets into a checkpoint.