ID Verified Facebook Accounts For Sale

Are you stuck with ID verification and getting more issues with the Fake ID? Also, are you having a permanent ad disabled issue after ID verification or getting an ID verification failed issue? Now we have fixed that issue. Our accounts are already ID verification, so they won’t ask for any ID verification into your accounts which means you can Buy ID-verified Facebook Accounts or Ad re-instated FB Accounts. We will deliver you accounts with the same ID we used to verify our quality Facebook Accounts.

Nowadays, every Facebook account is getting stuck with ID verification, and there is no bypass solution to verify it. Some websites say that there is a bypass way to verify your Facebook account with ID, but there is no solution to verify bypass. If you want to run ads, you need to verify your Facebook account with ID. So that’s the big issue, but in our store, Facebook ID verified accounts are available for Sale. We have different kinds of other options, too, in which you will get ID verified FB accounts. Here are the options which we are selling into ID verified accounts.

Buy ID-verified Old Facebook Accounts.

If you Buy Facebook accounts with ID, it may cause an error or stuck with ID verification failed or permanently ad disabled. So we better suggest you Buy ad re-instated Facebook accounts or ID-verified FB accounts. Our ID-verified FB accounts are very solid, which help you to run your business efficiently. Also, you can run ads with your new page or old page. In the beginning, if you are running ads with the new page, it will get restricted. But you can retrieve it easily with request a review. We have 3+ Months, 6+ Months, 1+ Years, 6+ years & 10+ years ID verified accounts so you can choose your choice.

Why Buy ID-verified Facebook Accounts With us?

FB Account With Cookies:

We all know that if we log in to FB account directly, it may go down and ask for any verification. But with our accounts, you will get JSON cookies to log in to your Facebook account. We never suggest you log in with email & pass as you will have JSON cookies with each Facebook Account if you are going to buy with us.

ID Verified FB accounts:

Our Facebook Accounts are ID verified which means they no longer ask for any ID verification. And if, in any case, they ask for ID re-verification, you can do that too, as we are going to deliver with ID. So our FB accounts are fully ID-verified.

Facebook Accounts with Activities:

Our ID-verified Facebook accounts will have lots of activities and lots of friends. It means they look real and legit, which you have used for the business manager or ad manager. These are useful for Marketplace too.

Best Choice for Ads Manager:

We have many Facebook accounts with different kinds of options, but these accounts are useful for ads. Because these Facebook accounts have more trust scores as we have submitted the ID already.

Key Features Of ID Verified FB Accounts:

  • We Are Using Different Proxy And Phone numbers For Each ID-verified FB profile.
  • Fully Verified Old Facebook Accounts
  • Manually and Farmed FB ID Verified Profiles
  • FB Account With JSON Cookies
  • With And Without Business Manager ID Verified FB Profiles


How are Aged & Old Facebook ID-verified Accounts available for Sale?

We have different aged and old FB accounts with Identity verified. You can check our products where you have options to select the age. We have 3+ months old, 6+ months old, 1+ years old, 6+ years old, and 10+ years old ID Verified FB accounts are available for Sale.

What Country ID-verified Accounts Do you have?

Currently, we have only Canadian and US ID-verified Facebook accounts. But we will have soon more countries Facebook profiles.

What Kinda ID You are using for Verification?

Mainly we are using Passport, which we are creating with photoshop, and we are also using DL. You will get ID verified accounts with ID, which we used to verify it.

Do you have ID-verified Account With Verified Business Manager?

Yes, we have ID-verified FB accounts with Verified BMs. So in our store, you can buy verified BMs with ID-verified Facebook accounts. In our store, verified BMs are available for Sale if you want without a profile.

What is included in the delivery File?

We will deliver to you all the access for the profile. Like Name, Email, Password, Email password, DOB, Phone Number, Gender, Proxy Access, ID, 2FA code if you need, User Agents, and other necessary information that help you fully access your account.

Are your accounts Hacked Profiles?

Nopes, our profiles are farmed ones. We are creating accounts by ourselves and managing them into different virtual machines with the help of different user agents. That means each profile have different browser history.

What kind of IP are you using Residential & Data Center?

We are using a Data centre proxy. If you want to use your residential proxies, you can use them.

Do you provide with selfie picture?

We don’t share the selfie pictures for the profiles, but your accounts get stuck with photo verification if you want the picture. You can ask for the selfie pictures over chat or telegram, and we will deliver them to you almost instantly.

How much time will you take to deliver them?

Currently, we have less amount of stock with ID verification, but we will have it soon. So we need 12-24 hours to deliver them.