Buy ID Verified Facebook Accounts

Firstly, we will let you know about ID verified Facebook accounts and the benefits of buying from us. Generally, people use FB accounts for advertising and making money on them. But every FB account is asking for ID verification or personal identity due to lots of Fake Facebook Accounts. So we began to sell ID verified FB accounts which means you don’t need to worry about the FB verification. We at social accounts, which is the best platform to Buy Facebook Accounts, can Buy ID verified Facebook Accounts.

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What exactly means of ID verified Accounts?

Facebook can verify with the identity, which is impossible to do. So what exactly are they, we have ad-disabled accounts somehow, and they asked for ID verification. So they are ad re-instated profiles. When it was asked, we submitted the ID to Facebook, and they confirmed with the ID. So exactly, ID verified FB accounts are Ad re-instated Facebook profiles.

What Aged Accounts do you have, any creation date?

Yes, of course we sell several years Old Facebook Accounts, but we don’t have the exact creation date. If you are going to Buy 6+ Months old Facebook accounts, you will get more than 6+ months of account. We have defined each product to select the profile of how Old ID verified Facebook Accounts you want to buy. If you want cheap or non-id verified accounts, you can Buy Aged Facebook Accounts.

Do your account has a different personal photo?

Yes, these are old accounts, so we farmed them into our VirtualBox pcs. Each account will have a different profile photo with lots of personal pictures. You can ask for the Facebook ID sample over website chat or Telegram. As a sample, we will provide you profile link to check how many personal pictures it has. Each profile will contain lots of activities, which means they are Pre-warmed Facebook Accounts.

You are selling ID verified, and I hope they are not real and safe to use?

Yes, they are safe to use, and they have been verified with fake photoshop created ID. These profiles are not real, but they look like Real Facebook Accounts, and we created these profiles several years or months old before. So we are not selling any Hacked Facebook Accounts. And we have photoshop made ID, so yeah, they are safe to use them.

What security will each account have?

We provide Facebook Accounts with 2FA security so nobody can hack your profiles. Each profile will have 2-Factor authentication. And we will offer you a long code with a login code too. You can Get 2FA codes from our store too without any issue. So you can Buy ID verified Facebook Accounts with 2-Factor Authentication.

Do you offer you Buy Verified BM with ID verified Accounts?

Yes, you can Buy ID verified Facebook Account with unverified or Verified BMs. And these VerifiedBM come with backup profiles. It means if any account gets banned or has an issue, you can use another profile. Generally, FB is disabling personal ad accounts, and you can’t share VerifiedBM to any other profile. So we have started to give Verified BMs with the backup profile.

Will you send the same ID which you used to verify it?

Yes, if you want the same ID, we will send it. Our team creates these IDs. So yeah, we will deliver the ID we used to verify it.

What if it asks for a selfie picture or video?

We have selfie pictures for each profile, or rather then, we will suggest you save them into your PC after getting the accounts from us. And for the video, we will say no. We don’t have an option to verify their video as these people are not real.