Buy Facebook Marketplace Account

Now a day most people want to run an online business but the problem is resources. They need to have a developer to design the website, want to have SEO Manager to promote the website, and running ads on a different platform, quite impossible and hectic. But no worry, Facebook is the solution for you to release your stress. We all know that Facebook is a platform where you can promote your business easily. Facebook has one of the most popular called marketplaces. So if you want to run an online business without any investment, you need to have Facebook Marketplace Account. And we at Social Accountss, are the best place to Buy FB Account With Marketplace and FB Marketplace with shipping enabled. We also offer to Buy FB Marketplace Account With SSN.

Facebook is the most effective and profitable way to run your online business and get targeted customers for your products. If you want to run your business globally, then Facebook is the best way to promote your business. Facebook has many tools (like Facebook Ad accounts, Business page, Business profile, Groups, Dating, etc) and Facebook with Marketplace is one the best tool as it’s completely free where you can load multiple products. It’s famous because you can sell your products easily locally.

Also, don’t waste your time Buying Facebook PVA Account as they are new and they don’t have marketplace enabled due to inactivity. Normally you won’t able to access marketplace place into new and inactive accounts so you should have Aged Facebook PVA Accounts or Old Facebook Accounts with activities. Sometimes Facebook takes time to enable the marketplace into old FB accounts so we always recommended Buy FB Account With Marketplace if you want to sell your products in FB.

Why Buy Facebook Account With Marketplace With Us?

There are many sellers where you can Buy Facebook Marketplace Account but here are few topics so you can understand why to buy FB accounts with us.

  1. Old FB accounts with Marketplace

    We all know that you can’t get a Marketplace in your new or inactive accounts. If you want to get sales for your product you need to upload your product over Facebook Marketplace which is completely free. We are delivering Old Facebook accounts and they are enabled with Marketplace where you can list your product after getting the products.

  2. Marketplace Account With Phone Number

    Now a day sometimes Facebook is asking for the phone code when you are going to list items into Facebook Marketplace. So our numbers can get marketplace code and we are not charging for that.

  3. Marketplace accounts with Proxy

    As we all know that if you will run multiple accounts into single IP, Facebook will start banning you or will ask for more security. And some people are using their system IP again and again to list products, which is causing an issue. But with our accounts, you will get a proxy so it will hide your IP and you will be able to list your product easily.

  4. Ready to go to list your product

    As you know Facebook takes time to enable the marketplace. Our accounts are already warmed up with lots of activities and Facebook has been already enabled marketplace on them. So you can list your product immediately after getting the accounts.

  5. Marketplace Account with Cookies

    Most people and sellers don’t know about the cookies and they login accounts directly by using FB details and get in trouble with a security checkpoint. So our account has a cookies file that helps you to log in to FB accounts without any checkpoint issue.

  6. Completely Instructions File To Setup Marketplace Account

    Some People don’t know how to set up Facebook accounts to avoid checkpoints, so with our FB accounts, you will get a complete instructions file to set up an account into your own desktop pcs. You will get an instructions file with your order details. Also, you can download it from here.

Key Features Of Facebook Accounts:

  • Facebook Profiles are warmed into different unique private proxies
  • All profiles have different and active US phone numbers
  • Our numbers can get marketplace code if needed
  • Cookies files included with your marketplace account
  • Manually warmed Old Facebook Profiles
  • Up to 10+ years Aged Facebook Accounts
  • On request can enable 2-Factor
  • Ready to list your products in the marketplace
  • Fully Verified Facebook Account With Marketplace
  • FB Marketplace Account With ID


What is the process to Buy Facebook Marketplace account from you?

We have 2 options to Buy FB Marketplace Account in our store which is the best place to Buy Facebook PVA accounts in India and around the world. Please choose any of them and add them to your cart and go to the checkout page, fill the form and click on place order.

Do you deliver marketplace account with SSN numbers?

Yes, I can get SSN numbers for FB marketplace account but it won't match with the profile. So you can Buy Facebook Marketplace Account with SSN.

What country marketplace account do you have?

We are selling almost all countries FB Marketplace Account. So if you have any countries requirement, please fill in the customer message box which you will find it into the checkout page.

How old your marketplace accounts are?

We are delivering with old Facebook Accounts, so you can select the product when you are going to add it to your cart. Each product has a different option to select how old do you want.

Are you providing any kind of replacement?

We don’t have any kind of replacement if you are buying Facebook marketplace accounts with us. We are providing a replacement for unused accounts and if you are not able to access the marketplace but only without posting any product on it. After posting a product into the marketplace and having issues, I am not responsible for that.

Do you have shipping enabled into your marketplace accounts?

We at Social Accounts, offer to Buy Marketplace Account with Shipping Enabled. We have also more options to Buy Marketplace Accounts.

What country options do you have for shipping-enabled marketplace accounts?

We only have US shipping-enabled marketplace account. Our team is also trying to get shipping to enable for other countries too.

How to list products into Marketplace Accounts?

You can find the instructions over here to list and sell your products over Facebook Marketplace. Click Here

Do I need to log in to a marketplace account in mobile to list products?

No, you don’t need to log in to a marketplace account on mobile. You can list your product with your laptop or desktop.

Do you have phone verified Facebook Marketplace Accounts?

Yes, we have Facebook PVA marketplace accounts with shipping enabled and without shipping enabled too. And they are verified with active US numbers, so you can get the re-verification and marketplace verification code too.

Do you have Female Facebook PVA Accounts?

We have almost all Female accounts but if you want male Facebook accounts, put your requirement into the customer message box on the checkout page.

Difference between with ID or without an ID?

Now a day as you know Facebook is increasing the checkpoint option and it’s asking for the ID. So we at is the best place to Buy Facebook Marketplace Account with ID or without ID.

Do you have a more Cheap Facebook marketplace Account?

We have only that option to Buy FB marketplace Account and our price is fixed. You can check our bulk option if you are looking to Buy Bulk Facebook Marketplace Account.