Buy Facebook PVA Account – New & Custom

Facebook is the most powerful and biggest networking site around the world. On Facebook millions of users helps you to promote your business and products easily. On Facebook, you will get all kinds of target audiences. Most people are buying Facebook accounts to increase their followers and likes into business pages to get more business. We at Social Accounts, is the best place to Buy Facebook PVA Account and Buy Cheapest Facebook PVA Accounts.

Our platform is the best place to Buy Facebook PVA Account because all accounts are created on different IPs and registered with unique Virtual phone numbers. Facebook keeps updating their Algorithm and Security. But no worry our Facebook Accounts will have active emails and active phone numbers to clear the checkpoints.

Our New Facebook Phone Verified Accounts are not good for advertising because they are newly created. If you are looking for accounts for advertising purposes please Buy Facebook Accounts With Activities. Those are good to go for advertising. Also, we have accounts with business manager so please Buy Facebook Accounts With Business Manager which are ready to promote your product and business.

Benefits To Buy Facebook Accounts With Us?

  1. Facebook Accounts With Cookies

    Now a day you can see that everyone is getting a lot of checkpoint issues into every Facebook accounts when we are doing some strange activities or using account from a unfamiliar location. But our New Phone Verified Facebook Accounts will comes up with cookies, so you don’t need to login directly by copy-pasting Email & Pass, you just need login with cookies via chrome extension which avoids the security checkpoint.

  2. Facebook Accounts With Proxies

    Mostly accounts getting disabled or asking for phone re-verification, no worry we are delivering with proxies so Facebook won’t lock for any security checkpoint. Our New Facebook PVA account will come with a proxy to avoid the checkpoint.

  3. Delivering With FB Logs & Email Logs

    As stated we are delivering Facebook Accounts that come with active emails to release the checkpoint whenever it will ask.

  4. With Active Phone Numbers

    We have Facebook accounts with active phone numbers which means you will get accounts with re-verification code which is completely free and you can ask for the code whenever it asks.

  5. Accounts With Instructions File

    Instructions file come with your Facebook accounts or via email, so you can check it and set your Facebook Accounts into your PC according to the instructions file to avoid the checkpoint.

  6. 2FA With Twilio Auth App

    We are setting Two-Factor Authentication on client requests via Twilio App. If you need 2FA, you can ask and we will set up with Twillio app which is completely free. Note: I will send you the instructions file for the 2FA with Twilio. Why We Setup 2FA: 2FA is to protect your account to steal and security breaches.

Key Features Of Facebook Accounts:

  • FB Accounts are created on different Unique IPs
  • All Accounts are fully profiled
  • Phone verified with USA and Other countries
  • Created on different VirtualBox PCs
  • Manually Created Facebook Accounts
  • Male & Female Profiles
  • Delivering with necessary info and with an active email
  • Accounts with proxies
  • Sending with Jason Cookies

How To Purchase & Buy Facebook PVA Account?

Please find the products which you want to order and select the package (different option to Buy Facebook PVA Account) by drop-down selection and click on the add to cart button. After it clicks on the checkout page and fills in the necessary information. And place the order.

How I will receive my order?

After placing an order for Facebook PVA Account with us, you will have a dashboard on our site where you will find the account details. Also, you will have an email with account information and instructions file too.

Is there any sample available?

No, we are not providing any kind of sample accounts. But you can ask for the profile link to check the necessary information.

Do you have an instructions file to set up the accounts?

Yeah, we are sending an instructions file with accounts to help you. Because Facebook has been updated its system and most accounts are asking for the security checkpoint. Our instructions file will avoid the security checkpoint.

How to choose a gender for accounts?

We are creating mostly Female accounts but you want Male accounts too, please put your requirements into the order message box which you will find on the checkout page or else you Buy Custom Facebook Account.

Do I need to buy proxies?

No, we are delivering accounts with proxies with our mostly packages. If you are buying us without proxies packages then you need to buy proxies. Here is the website where you can buy cheap and quality proxies. Click Here. If you are looking for residential proxies then Click Here.

Will they have a marketplace?

No, our Buy Facebook PVA Accounts are newly created. But if you are looking to Buy Facebook Accounts With Marketplace, check out our other packages which are enabled with Marketplace. Also, we have a Marketplace with shipping enabled too.

Do you have bulk discounts?

Yeah, we have already set with bulk pricing but if you are not satisfied and want more discounts, please feel free to contact us because we are selling Bulk Facebook Accounts and our store is famous to Buy Facebook PVA Account in Bulk.

Are they good for ads purpose?

Nopes, they are not good for FB ads because they are New Facebook PVA Accounts. But you can find our packages as we have accounts with activities that are useful and suitable for Facebook ads so you can Buy Old Facebook Account.

Do you have accounts with a business manager?

Yeah, we have accounts with the business manager. We recommanded to Buy Facebook Accounts With Business Manager.

Are your accounts having friends?

Nopes, they are newly created Facebook Phone Verified Accounts so they don’t have any kind of friends. But you have to find our another package Buy Facebook Account With Friends.