Facebook is the most popular social network site with millions of users. This number continues to grow, reaching thousands. It is also easy to connect with family and friends. People with specific needs are buying Facebook accounts. Social Accounts is available for all kind of Social Media Accounts and Facebook Account for Sale. All types of Facebook accounts can be purchased through social accounts. The most popular option is to Buy Facebook Ad accounts, Buy old Facebook accounts, Buy Facebook Marketplace Accounts, and Age Facebook PVA accounts with activities. If you are looking for the best place to buy or purchase Facebook accounts in bulk quantities, you are into right place where you can Buy Any Kind of Social media accounts and Facebook Account for sale.

Our Facebook Accounts are ready for sale as they look real and active. Both on VirtualBox and MLA, we farm manually. Although you can Buy Facebook accounts to promote products or businesses, Facebook has disabled these accounts because they are fake. As a result, our store will have Real-looking Facebook profiles. Multiple photos will be included on each profile. You will also receive source images to allow you to continue posting on our Facebook profiles.

Every profile on Facebook has active numbers that are verified. You can request the verification code at any time. Facebook verifies all accounts. To promote their businesses, people are buying Active Facebook accounts. Facebook is home to billions upon billions and can target specific audiences. Our Old Facebook Accounts with Activities can be used for advertising and we sell high-quality Facebook Accounts.

Different Types of Facebook Accounts

Buy FB Ad Accounts

Facebook is one of the most user-friendly and simple social networks. Facebook users spend a lot of time there watching videos and playing video games. Buy FB Ad Accounts to promote your business or product on Facebook. Social Accounts is the best place where Facebook Accounts are available for sale. There are many packages available to Buy Facebook Ad Accounts.

Buy Facebook Accounts With Business Manager - Basic: This FB ad account can be used if you're new to FB ads or looking to buy cheap Facebook Business Manager accounts. However, it has a limit of $50 per day, and the BM will not be verified.

Buy Facebook Accounts With Business Manager Advanced: Do you want to buy Facebook accounts with BM with a $250 limit? We offer quality FB ad accounts that a business manager can manage. Our accounts have a maximum of 10+ year profiles.

Buy Facebook Ad Accounts with Verified Business Manager - $250 Limit: Do you want to Buy Facebook accounts with Verified Business Manager with 250 limits? You can also Buy Verified BM from our store.

Purchase an old Facebook account

Our Facebook pages are active and real-looking. Bots are not using them for any activities. Facebook sometimes blocks accounts that you buy to promote your products and business. You will find real-looking Facebook account for Sale in our store. Each profile will have multiple photos of the candidate which match with FB profile. We will also provide a source of images so that you can still use our old Facebook Accounts. Each profile and account on Facebook is verified with active US Phone Numbers. You can request the re-verification code at any time.

Buy FB Old Accounts With Activities - 3+ months Old: Each account are farmed into virtual box by a human, with lots of activities and 30+ friends. Please visit our shop to Purchase FB Old PVA accounts for advertising purposes. Each profile will be unique and have its own US phone number. This can be used to get a verification code.

Purchase Old Facebook PVA Accounts With Activities - 6+ months Old: Each FB account will include many activities and 50+ friends. Please visit our shop to purchase Old Facebook PVA accounts. Each profile will be unique and have its own US phone number. This can be used to re-verify the code.

Buy Facebook Aged Account With Activities - 1+ Year Old: Each account will be filled with lots of activities and 100+ friends. Please visit our shop to purchase a Facebook Aged Account. These accounts are preminum and high quality Facebook accounts for sale. Each profile will also have its own US phone number, which can obtain a verification code.

Buy FB Aged accounts - without Activities: These are old accounts that have no activities. This means that they don't have friends, posts, or activities. Only one profile will have active email addresses and accounts. They do not have telephone numbers.

Get a Facebook Marketplace account.

Facebook is one of the most popular marketplaces. To start an online company, you will need a Facebook Marketplace account. Unfortunately, Facebook does not allow you to transfer a marketplace account from an existing Facebook account. You will need to wait at least one month before you can get Marketplace. We offer to buy Facebook Marketplace Account and Shipping enabled FB Marketplace Account. We have also Facebook marketplace account with SSN for sale.

Facebook Marketplace: From profiles 3+ months old to profiles 10+ years old, you can purchase a Facebook Marketplace account. Each profile has enough activity and many friends. All Facebook profiles will also have Active US telephone numbers that can be re-verified if necessary.

Shop Shipping Enabled on Facebook Marketplace: From profiles 3+ months old to profiles 10+ years old, you can have a Facebook Marketplace Account with Shipping enabled. Each profile has enough activity and many friends. All Facebook profiles will also have Active US telephone numbers that can be re-verified if necessary.

SSN-Buy Marketplace Account: From profiles 3+ months old to profiles 10+ years old, you can have a Facebook Marketplace Account with SSN. Each profile has enough friends and activities. All Facebook profiles will also have Active US telephone numbers that can receive re-verification codes if required.

Get a FB PVA account.

We offer many products and services for Phone Verified Facebook Accounts. To increase your sale and productivity, we offer high-quality Facebook PVA accounts. These FB PVA accounts were created recently. We also offer the option to buy Facebook PVA accounts.

Get a custom phone verified Facebook account: Please provide details such as how you would like to customize your account. Fully customized Facebook Accounts are possible. They will then be created New Facebook PVA accounts.

Facebook Phone Verified Accounts for Sale: We are constantly creating Facebook accounts. These profiles will be phone verified as well as email verified. Our store allows you to Buy FB Phone Verified accounts. We offer almost all countries with verified Facebook accounts via phone.

Sale For Phone Verified Facebook Accounts - USA Numbers. We also sale US phone verified Facebook Accounts. You can re-verify your account at the checkpoint by verifying that our phone numbers are active and real. We also offer a 12-month phone activation package. This means that you can request the code at any time.

Why buy FB accounts with us?

Facebook has separate cookies for each account. This is because fake accounts are increasing Facebook's security. They will request phone verification, photo verification, and ID verification, as well as verification of friends. If you make any changes to the account or change your location, this security checkpoint will be performed. In addition, a cookies file will be sent to your accounts. Log in to your Facebook account with cookies. So we sale top notch quality Facebook Accounts with cookies.

Facebook Accounts with Proxies: Most accounts are disabled or ask for phone verification because they have changed their location. We are delivering with proxy servers, so Facebook doesn't have to lock you for security checks. To avoid the checkpoint, you will receive a New Facebook PVA account.

Delivery with FB Logs & email Logs: We deliver Facebook accounts that include active emails to release the checkpoint whenever it asks.

With Active Phone Numbers: You will receive Accounts with verification codes. This code is entirely free and can be requested whenever the request.

Accounts with Instructions File: The instructions file is included with your email or Facebook account. Please follow the instructions as it will help you to avoid the checkpoint. You can review it and then set up your Facebook Accounts on your computer according to the instructions. This will avoid any checkpoints.

Twilio Auth App 2FA: Twilio App will set up Two-Factor Authentication for client requests. Twillio will provide 2FA. It's completely free.
Note: I will email the instructions file for the 2FA with Twilio.
2FA is Why We Do It: 2FA protects your account against theft and security breaches.

How to Purchase and Buy Facebook PVA Accounts?

Please select your product and package on the product that you wish to order, then click the Add to Cart button. To complete the order, click on the checkout page. Place your order.

How do I get my order?

After placing your order for a Facebook PVA Account, you will be provided with a dashboard that allows you to access your account details. A file, instructions, and account information will be sent to you via email. Within 24 hours of placing an order, we will deliver it.

Do you have any samples?

We do not provide sample accounts. To verify the information, however, you can request the profile hyperlink.

Do you have an instruction file for setting up accounts?

Yes, we have sent you an instruction file along with your accounts. Facebook has made some changes to its system, and many users have requested the security checkpoint. Our instructions file will not affect the security checkpoint. 

How do I choose the gender of my account?

We create primarily female accounts. However, if you need male accounts, please fill out the order message box, which can be found on the checkout page.

What Packages are best for Ads?

There are several packages that you can choose from to Buy FB advertising accounts. Would you please speak with your business manager? Would you please check out our Facebook Ad account package? There are several packages available for Ad accounts. Facebook Ad accounts can be purchased with or without a profile. We also offer the option to Buy verified BMs or Unverified BMs.

Want to Buy Facebook Accounts With Friends?

Yes, you can Buy Facebook accounts with friends as we sale Facebook Accounts with and without friends. We offer FB accounts that have 1000+ friends. They all appear real and active friends from significant countries. We are not selling hacked Facebook Accounts because they are Farmed Facebook Accounts.